Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sexy Celebrities

In 2007, Matt Damon was named "The Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine. In 2006, Matt's pal George Clooney was the second celebrity to be named "The Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine twice. Brad Pitt was the first celebrity to win the honor twice. In 2005, Matthew McConaughey was People's "Sexiest Man Alive." Other's include:

2004: Jude Law
2003: Johnny Depp
2002: Ben Affleck
2001: Pierce Brosnan
2000: Brad Pitt
1999: Richard Gere
1998: Harrison Ford
1997: George Clooney
1996: Denzel Washington
1995: Brad Pitt
1993: Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford were named People's "Sexiest Couple Alive." (They split a year later.)
1992: Nick Nolte
1991: Patrick Swayze
1990: Tom Cruise
1989: Sean Connery (at age 60)
1988: John F. Kennedy Jr.
1987: Harry Hamlin
1986: Mark Harmon
1985: Mel Gibson

According to
FHM, the Top 10 Sexiest Women In The World as of 2008 are:

10: Keira Knightley
9: Angelina Jolie
8: Hilary Duff
7: Cheryl Cole
6: Scarlett Johansson
5: Hayden Panettiere
4: Elisha Cuthbert
3: Keeley Hazell
2: Jessica Alba
1: Megan Fox

Who do you consider to be the sexiest celebrities and why?